HVAC Maintenance and Repair in West Columbia.

Whether your air conditioner breaks down on the hottest day of the year or you’re searching for someone to take care of your regular HVAC maintenance, Tri City Fuel & Heating Co., Inc. in West Columbia has you covered. We offer a variety of services to make sure your heating and cooling systems are working efficiently. Find out more below.

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  • Service Agreements
    In Columbia, HVAC maintenance is crucial to the efficient and long-lasting performance of your HVAC systems. We typically recommend at least one service visit per year, per unit. With Tri City Fuel & Heating Co., Inc. service agreements, we'll help keep your systems operating smoothly through every season.
  • Utility Rebate Appraisal
    If you have energy efficient products in West Columbia, you could qualify for utility rebates. Our team will let you know which rebates are available for your home.
  • Service Inspection
    When the professionals from Tri City Fuel & Heating Co., Inc. arrive for your service inspection, they will check both your heating and cooling systems to ensure they are running properly and efficiently. We understand that having an unreliable system can greatly impact your comfort, so why wait any longer, give us a call to get your service inspection set up.
  • Energy Calculator
    So you've noted the efficiency ratings we have attached to our different HVAC equipment, but you're still wondering how that translates to dollars. Well, no matter if you're looking for a solar solution or you're curious about general energy efficiency, our calculators can give you an idea of what to expect when you choose a specific efficiency level.
  • HVAC Repair
    Is your HVAC system unreliable, inefficient or causing you discomfort in your home? Our team of pros are trained and ready for any repairs on your furnace, air conditioner or other part of your HVAC equipment that you might need.