Reinstate That Chilly Feeling Rapidly with Professional AC Repair in Columbia, South Carolina

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We realize it’s an annoyance when your air conditioning will not operate. But with the support of our professional repair technicians, we can have your area feeling cool again in no time with our AC repair in Columbia, South Carolina.

You can rely on our outstanding labor to get your AC equipment up and running again. That’s due to the fact we’re well-known for doing the job right the first time.

You can feel confident knowing your air conditioner is in knowledgeable hands. Whether you’re looking for emergency AC repair or standard service.

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AC Service in Columbia and Surrounding Areas

Call Tri City Fuel & Heating Co., Inc. when you are looking for knowledgeable AC repair in Columbia, South Carolina.

While we’re at your home for service, ask us about our yearly maintenance plans. A regular tune-up may help you avoid repairs and could make your unit work for a longer period of time.

If we’re continuously repairing your aging air conditioner, you may begin planning for AC installation. It’s the best time to do this when repairs are bigger than half the price of an up-to-date system. Unsure what unit will work for your needs? Our experts will help you choose an air conditioner to fit your house’s necessities.

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Count on Tri City Fuel & Heating Co., Inc. for Heating and Cooling Service in Columbia

When the sun is glaring during the summer or a bitter cold breeze is blowing in the winter, most homeowners don’t give it a second thought. That walk to the front door may be uncomfortable, but entering the home keeps the elements out and seals hot or cold air in. What we too often neglect, however, is the system that helps maintain a livable temperature throughout the year’s many season: our heating and cooling system. 

As perhaps the most critical element in the process of producing a livable climate, our homes’ heater and AC work tirelessly through the summer’s extreme heat and darkness of winter to maintain a mild temperature no matter the weather outside. With that in mind, many homeowners are still shocked to find out how important it is to perform regular maintenance to keep these systems in tip-top shape.

Your furnace and AC unit may be working as they should now, but if you haven’t had them serviced recently, you never know when a problem might rear its ugly head. Over the years at Tri City Fuel & Heating Co., Inc. of Columbia, we’ve serviced more HVAC systems than we can count. That means we’ve spend time developing the expertise needed to identify potential issues before they become serious problems, and it also enables us to make informed recommendations as to how to fix the problems in front of us.

If you’ve neglected routine maintenance and a problem suddenly pops up, it will be okay! Just get in touch with us at 803-265-4208 and we’ll dispatch one of our expert technicians to diagnose and fix whatever happens to be wrong with your furnace or air conditioner. There’s a reason so many people in Columbia trust Tri City Fuel & Heating Co., Inc. for their HVAC maintenance: we value quality customer service and are committed to doing the job right the first time.

And, if you think it may be time to get rid of your current furnace, AC unit, or both, we’d be happy to help with that, too. We carry products to meet nearly every possible need and budget. With ENERGY STAR certification and one of the best warranties around, you can sleep soundly knowing your home’s heating and cooling systems will continue keeping your home comfortable for a long time. If you have questions, a member of our team will explain what you need to know about the unique benefits and specifications of each product in our lineup.

Don’t forget the importance of taking care of this important part of your home’s comfort. If you need emergency maintenance, our team here at Tri City Fuel & Heating Co., Inc. has you covered. The same is true if you need to schedule routine maintenance of your HVAC system, or are interested in replacing it entirely. Whatever your need happens to be, give us a call at 803-265-4208. The people of Columbia agree: we’re the right choice for all your HVAC-related needs!